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    Avaya D160 IP Telefon

    D160 IP DECT Telefon inkl. Akku, Halteklipp, Ladegerät und Steckernetzgerät

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    Avaya D160 IP Telefon

    No.     Label     Description
    1     Up/Down keys     Control the speaker and ringer volume.Also allows correction of name and number entry when programming a speed dial button.
    2     Mute key     Mute the handset microphone.
    3     Soft keys (S1–S4)     Activate the option listed directly above it on the display. The handset contains four soft keys.
    4     Off-Hook/Handsfree key     Answer a call or enter handsfree mode.
    5     On-Hook key     End a call or exit a menu.
    6     Dialpad     Use the dialpad to make calls, to enter contact phone numbers and names, and to navigate through contacts and call logs.
    7     Function keys (F1–F8)     Use the appropriate function key to activate the feature assigned to that key. There are eight configurable function keys.

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    Artikelnummer 0871
    Gewicht 1
    Standard VOIP
    Weitere Eigenschaften VoIP - Systemprotokoll
    Hersteller Avaya
    HerstellerArtNr A.700.503.101
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